Welcome fellow travellers, to this footnote in the history of the folk rock genre. Welcome to the surreal world of.....

Yes, it's true fellow seekers after truth.
There was a time in history when all this actually meant something.So, come with me back to 1970.............
After Gay andTerry left Steeleye, they were invited to become part of an outfit with the bizarre title of Dr Strangely Strange. The band made two albums but were in a decline when the Woods' joined.Gay takes up the story.....
I joined them with Terry Woods to go on one tour and we went on a tour to Scandanavia.One of the members had left and we were asked would we go and we did. And it was great. They had a very hippy, surreal type of music but we introduced a bit of the Irish stuff and that was when I started playing the bodhran again. We did the one tour and then everybody started breaking up again and we formed The Woods Band out of that. I think Dave Mattacks played on one of the albums. I never recorded with Dr Strangely Strange. It was quite brief and I have to say I was very selfish at the time and I said to myself, "What a great opportunity to go and look at Sweden and Denmark. Their music was very strange.I actually had to play the keyboard at one gig - four notes. That was fun. It was good.It was a pity that it all fell apart but it was falling apart anyway when we joined. In a way it was a bit like when I rejoined Steeleye Span, going in with everyones organised own music. I rejoin and they break up or people leave. It seems to be a pattern in my life. Don't ask Gay Woods to join your band.......
picture courtesy of Martin Stassen
Heavy Petting
Kip of the Serenes
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A picture from 1971 that appeared in Music Maker in July-August 2007 showing Gay and Terry together with the band during their brief stint with them.