at de Lantaarn, Rotterdam, Feb 1973
Ronald Zee took these rare pictures of Gay and Terry in concert in The Netherlands in February 1973. He recalls The last time I saw them was at an open air concert during the summer of 1977.I always enjoyed their performances. I think they came to Holland twice. The first time there was a guitar player who did not say a word and I remember that the drummer had to go home because his mother had died. The second time there was a violin player. Gay told me they were not happy with the sleeve of the Woods Band album, not the design but how it was printed. I think they had something else in mind.Once, when I was talking to her in a club just before they were due to go on stage, a song from The Woods' album was being  played and she said it seemed to go on and on. The song was 'January Snows'. Gay giggled a lot. She was a very funny person and even if you were having a serious conversation with her there was always something that would start her off.Terry could be very funny as well. Whilst they were in Holland Gay fell in love with Indonesian sateh sauce. My wife gave her the recipe and she later wrote she had made it at home.