LAKE SONGS FROM RED WATERS released by Hux Records, comes with sleeve notes by acclaimed journalist and writer John O'Regan. Here he shares his thoughts on the duo and the album.
Gay and Terry Woods were my schooldays heroes - I loved their music from the first time I heard 'The Woods Band' album in 1974 and also got their three Polydor albums, 'Backwoods','The Time is Right' and 'Renowned'.I loved the songs they wrote and the way they approached their music. Theirs was a unique take on singer/songwriter games-not as bleak as Richard and Linda could be although they penned some classic ballads like 'Love Is A Burden', the opening track on 'Renowned'.
They played Folk-rock, soft rock, accoustic rock, call it what you want, it was above all melodic,intelligent, quality music played with an integrity missing from much of the contemporary music of the time. The music was fresh and pure with dulcimers and autoharps and concertinas up there with the rock rhythm sections mixing traditional and contemporary styles and influences perfectly. Then there were those voices. Gay's always fresh and clear as a mountain stream and Terry's weatherbeaten vocals both complimented each other perfectly.
For too long, Gay and Terry's three Polydor albums have been forgotten for the gems they were. Likewise, the fact that listening to their music today, the songs and sounds are still as fresh and inventive as ever proves that Gay and Terry Woods made music unique and timeless. The fact that the CD generation missed out on some beautiful music was also a cause for concern. Somehwere, somehow, it had to happen that this music reached a new audience on CD.
Now I am glad to see this is happening with the release of Lake Songs from Red Waters on Hux Records. As compiler and note writer in collaboration with Gay and Terry themselves, it is a pleasure to document a powerful and important chapter in their musial lives. Listening back through the albums again made songs like 'Song for the Gypsies','Dublin Town', 'I Missed You' and 'Love is Like a Burden' come alive again. They still sounded great and what's more, ran rings round some of today's feted talents. So with that in mind something HAD to be done to get a selection of Gay and Terry's classic songs from these three albums out on CD. Picking the songs was easy and difficult as some had to be left out but believe me, what's on the CD really cooks and rocks in the right places.
It was a pleasue to work with Terry and Gay in assembling the tracks and notes for this compilation CD. They were a constant source of ideas and inspiration during the production process. I enjoyed working with them and found it a great experience working with my schooldays heroes. I would like to extend my thanks to Gay and Terry for their time, suggestions and input and above all their music which has been a constant source of inspiration since that day in 1974 when The Woods Band entered my life.I haven't been the same since.

(C) John O'Regan,2003