Gay loves a good chat and during the course of conversation with her she'll come out with a nugget or two.Some are very interesting, some are quite typical of her, some are just funny. Here's a sample of my favourites....
On rejoining Steeleye Span in 1994 -
"I came in doing what I was asked to do...staying pretty much in the background ..but then...can you keep somebody like me down."
On Steeleye Span -
"When Peter and Bob riff..that's their sound"

On audience reaction to her return to the band -
"I do what I do.If they like it fine...if they don't,well, what can I do ?"
On singing on 'The Journey' -
I was like the au pair going up - sang a few songs, had a few beers and had a great day"
On hearing Steeleye had a record deal -
"I got a call one day saying 'We've got the deal'.I was out there like a rocket !"
On her return to the music industry -
"I didn't want to get involved in that world again but I am now..upto my ears "
On hearing of the re-release of 'Tender Hooks' -
" I received no official notification at all.Terry Woods..gave me a phone number of the record company to ring and I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. So now you see the kind of girl I am."
On the change of style in Steeleye Span -
"Folk rock has to evolve in the year 2000 as it did in the 1960's... there's no point in keeping with the same formula"

On recording with Phil Lynott -
Phillip wasn't too well at the time.He'd cough into the microphone and say 'Record that' !
After playing 'Thomas the Rhymer' to massive applause-
"The ancient ones are always the best"

On joining the punk scene with Auto Fa Fe -
" Instead of the lines of my songs they commented on the lines on my face which I find very amusing."

On visiting Norfolk on tour -
"It seems so far away from everywhere else. I think they should be given their freedom. It should be a province all of its own"
On joining Dr Strangely Strange -
"In a way it was like joining Steeleye Span..... I rejoin and they break up or people leave. It seems to be a pattern in my life. Don't let Gay Woods join your band !"
on working with Auto Da Fe; -
"It was the happiest time of my life really"

on the need to present an upbeat image to the world ; -
"tell everybody we're all FINE...everybody's FINE....... at the moment !"
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