The Best of Gay and Terry Woods
Lake Songs from Red Waters : The Best of Gay and Terry Woods was finally released by Hux Records on 30th June 2003. It was the culmination of a project to prise these beautiful recordings out of the grip of a big label and make them available on CD for the first time.The result is a brilliant package using previously unpublished private pictures of the couple taken during their years together at home in Ireland. The story of Gay and Terry is told on the CD cover by renowned Irish music writer John O'Regan with accompanying notes from the two themselves.With a bit of luck the release of the best of this groups output (taken from their first three albums togther) will revive interest and enable the compilation of a second volume.

1.  I Missed You
2.  Song for the Gypsies
3.  Love Is Like A Burden
4.  Dublin Town
5.  Dunlavin Green
6.  The Fair
7.  Redlake Piker
8.  The Hymn
9.  Sorry Friend
10. Winter Poem
11. Under The Yew Tree
12. Stealer of Dreams
13. When the Time Is Right
14. Northwinds
15. Radio Man
16. Empty Rooms
17. Brown Girl
18. Country Blues
19. Solace
20. Save the Last Dance For Me
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