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After many delays, Gay's new wave/new romantic connection is out on CD The long-awaited Songs for Echo by Auto Da Fe looks set to be a major release. To celebrate its appearance on 12th November 2001 the site has dedicated three pages to recalling the days of 1983 when the band was at its peak. You can click onto them at the bottom of this feature.
The album is a compilation of two live sessions the band did for the BBC's In Concert series . One of the concerts featured guest musician Phil Lynott. It will be out on Hux Records and the label is also working on a Gay and Terry release (see feature below).
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Hux Records have confirmed they are to press ahead with their plans to release the former Strange Fruit live album of Gay and Terry Woods. The record didn't get a good press initially, perhaps because most of the tracks were available on the Tenderhooks CD as better versions but there will be new live recordings from another concert in with them this time and if Hux give it the treatment they have done with Songs From Echo, it promises to be a much better proposition. They'll be a track listing here at a later date as the project progresses but look forward to hearing some G&T new live material on CD at last !
Hux Records have said this album project may be cancelled because it duplicates many of the proposed tracks from the proposed compilation. Details of track listings and release dates should become known over the summer.
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Gay has recorded with Terry Woods again - on an album with other musicians - the brainchild of journalist Colin Harper. She has just been into the studio in County Wicklow to re-record 'Dreams' from the Woods Band album. Also featured on the record are Colin Reid,Brian Connor,Ali McKenzie and Janet Holmes singing lead vocal. The new version of the old song will be Gay's only contribution- she appears as a guest but said of her return into the studio, "The song brings back a lot of memories - amongst other things.It was good to listen back and hear any interesting mistakes and natural collisions in the music and vocal harmony". The track, on the as yet untitled album, is full of the same essence that permeated the Woods Band recording. It is probably more beat orientated but this doesn't detract from the song and Gay's voice has become stronger over the years. The project has now been completed and this site will bring you full details of availability, tracks etc and a review fairly soon ! November 2001, updated February 2002

Some good news from Hux Records - they have finally licensed the rights to the first three Gay and Terry Woods albums from Polygram and are planning to release a compilation. This will be the first time 'Backwoods', 'Renowned' and 'The Time Is Right' have seen the light of day since their vinyl releases in the seventies. It's good news for those of us who have been campaigning to get them made available again. Unfortunately, the cost of reissuing the whole lot either as seperate records or one double CD was prohibitive but maybe that would change if there were sufficent sales from the material that was released. The site will keep you upto date with the final tracklisting and date of issue when it becomes available.This project is still very much on but Hux say they are still waiting to complete formalities.
January 2002, updated May 2002
Gay and Terry on their last album 'Tender Hooks' - their best says me !
It is with some regret that I have to announce the passing of the mailing list from this site. After all the fuss of getting it together and you all sending in your details the whole thing was lost during an upgrade of the ed's computer, thanks to a dodgy disc. Frankly the idea of starting again gives me the screaming heeby geebies. Please keep checking the site and this page. If anything happens, it'll be reported here as soon as possible !
April 2002


Journalist and writer Colin Harper is working on a new book - based on his articles previously published, about Irish music and its key players.Included would be the extended version of the Woods Band sleeve notes, researched for the release of the album on CD last year. In addition and of most interest, there would also be his, as yet unpublished, 11,000 word feature on Sweeney's Men (of which Terry Woods) was a part. With other reviews and items on leading figures from the Irish scene - especially of course, Gay Woods,the book promises to be an exciting insight into a much neglected area.
No release date has been set as yet but with interest from the publishing world already, it shouldn't be too long before we know more.May 2002
Gay is to perform at the opening of her brother Terry Corcoran's new art exhibition at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght on Sunday 1st September 2002 at 3pm. Terry is most known to Auto Da Fe fans for his 'Self Portrait Looking Up' which adorns the front of the 'Songs for Echo' CD released last November. He also did the poster for their first gig in Dublin."The pictures move and they have a apotropaic quality" says Gay. You can read all her comments in her latest guest book entry.August 2002
'Self Portrait Looking Up' by Terry Corcoran