This is a basic discography of Gay's albums throughout her career. Rather than go over material that is already in the public domain, we have only provided addtional information where we have something new to offer.Links are provided in those instances.
In the case of Steeleye Span albums, several sites exist covering the whole of the bands history and these can be accessed from the 'links' page.For a more detailed discography of singles etc see the link at the bottom of this page
STEELEYE SPAN  (1969 - 2001)

Hark the Village Wait  !  (1970)
Time (1996)
Horkstow Grange (1998)
The Journey (1999)
Bedlam Born (2000).
GAY AND TERRY WOODS  (1970 - 1980)
Backwoods (1975)
The Time Is Right (1976)
Renowned (1976)
Tender Hooks (1978)
Live (1995 compilation )
Lake Songs from Red Waters
- The Very Best of Gay and Terry Woods (2003)
AUTO DA FE (1980 - 1988)

Five Singles and One Smoked Cod (1984)
Tatitum (1985)
Songs for Echo (2001)
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Five Singles and One Smoked Cod
Tatitum (1985)
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The Woods Band (1971)
Career Path
Songs for Echo