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Lake Songs From Red Waters : The Best of Gay and Terry Woods has finally been released by Hux Records. The album is the culmination of over a year of effort by the label to extract the tracks from the licence holders Polygram who issued them originally on  Polydor back in the 1970's.This big twenty track compilation features the very best cuts from the first three albums - 'Backwoods', 'The Time Is Right' and 'Renowned' as selected by John O'Regan, the Irish journalist and writer in conjunction with the duo themselves. John, a lifetime fan of Gay and Terry's music,  has also added some very extensive and incisive sleeve notes and the CD is illustrated by the photographs of an old friend of the couple. The cover image portrays the two walking by the 'red river' of the title.
The release of the disc is a major step for the pioneering folk/rock duo, not least because it covers the early part of their career that has not been available anywhere on CD before. The remastering of these classic tracks leaves them "naked and raw" according to Gay Woods herself and listening to the album should be a whole new experience to those used to the lower grade vinyl records originally released. Both artists are thrilled with the reissue - Terry Woods (now back on the road again with the original Woods Band line-up) admitted he had personally tried to make the catalogue available but unsuccessfully." Since these recordings were made, much has changed and I've been suprised at how well the tunes still sound. Hux have done a very good job with the mastering". The fact that both artists had a big input into the release and that a high profile writer and fan like John O'Regan was prepared to give the project his support shows how well the collection has been handled. Hux, as they did previously with Gay's Auto Da Fe reissue, have taken infinate time and care both with the recordings themselves (in selection and remastering) and the packaging. This is a long-awaited compilation and no one will be disappointed.june2003
To celebrate the arrival of the album, we have put together three pages about it with comment from John O'Regan and Gay herself.

Check out the tracklisting and buy CD online
Read Gay's memories of the times
Read John   O'Regan's memories of Gay and Terry
With Gay less active in the music industry than previously there are correspondingly less stories to report. However, it is hope that this site will increase in size as a resource celebrating her great career. We are therefore constantly on the look-out for your old pictures, record sleeves, memories etc from any of the bands she has been in. Please keep sending them in. Gay personally checks the guestbook as well so please feel free to leave your messages for her there.

The intermittent outfit that is Dr Strangely Strange have played live again in London with a show to commemorate the release of their 'Halycon Days' album. All but three of the tracks on the record are 'lost' recordings gleaned from their early period and as soon as we can, we'll get confirmation of whether that includes any Gay or Terry material. The band have had occasional reunions and even continued their album making career  over the last three decades with a line-up that still consists of three original members.A write-up in 'Music Maker' magazine pictured the group as it was with the Woods in it - a nice early shot and we are indebted to writer Simon Jones for bringing it to our attention. You can see this and catch up with the Woods connection on our page dedicated to the group.sept2007


Gay Woods has just completed negotiations to get material from her partnership with Terry Woods and her 1980's band Auto Da Fe onto iTunes.Former partner Terry will work to clean up the five albums the duo made together in the 1970's before it becomes available for download.Despite being very popular at the time and enjoying cult status since, the records have only had limited re-releases since the advent of the digital age.The Auto Da Fe catalogue which was recorded by Gay in the early eighties has never been issued in a digital form.At present we have no date when any of the music will be available.october 2007
Update Since this item was originally posted, G&T have appeared not only on ITunes but also, in a limited way, on Amazon. 'Tenderhooks' is available for download and even Auto Da Fe's live album has cropped up there as a CD. It's worth checking availability there for your chosen format! August 2011


Park Records, the major folk player and home of Steeleye Span have picked up the Gay and Terry Woods classic 'Tender Hooks' album, first released in 1978. They have re-issued it with their own catalogue number and are now selling it from their usual online and catalogue outlets. Previously, the license had been held by Cooking Vinyl who are, as of December 2007, still advertising it in their online store. This means there are two versions out there, albeit with no changes to content or sleeve and with two different catalogue numbers. Bit of an issue for collectors !december2007
See also below for download availability


Gay Woods is to make a return to live performance again with an appearance at the Spirit of Folk Festival at Meath in September. Gay will be performing as a solo artist and topping a bill that also includes her old friends Dr Strangely Strange. The organisers said "we are delighted to have the wonderful Ms. Wood be part of our line up". Gay told 'Full Moon' "The singing is beginning and it's interesting to have an accumulation of songs at this time in life."
All the details you need to see the gig are on the festivals website - just click the logo.
August 2011