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songs for echo
auto da fe
Songs for Echo is the first ever live release from Auto Da Fe. It's also their only album currently available on CD. The recordings were made back in the early 1980's from two performances staged by the band in London for the In Concert radio series. One of the gigs featured Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott who produced much of the groups early material. Trevor Knight, Auto's keyboard player and co-founder also worked alongside Phil in the bassists other band and the two groups toured together.This record is therefore doubly important as it is not just the only live Auto Da Fe currently available, it also gives Phil's fans a chance to hear previously unreleased recordings of the great rock legend.
David is a longtime Auto Da Fe fan. He also attended the gig in London that featured Phil Lynott. Here he recalls it for us -
Much whistling in anticipation of Auto Da Fe, cue lots of fog/smoke and a building of moody synth sound... Trevor Knight (pre ponytail) is already at the synth.Out of the smoke appear the band, bass and drums build up and Gay appears centre stage, walking slowly to the front. They go into 'Cellophane Rain'. At the end Gay informs us that 'Mr Philip Lynott' is their special guest, that he is the producer of their records and that is why he's here, "'cause he loves us so much...mind you we like him to ". She asks "Where is he ?" - he doesn't seem to have arrived yet so they continue with 'The Traitor, "A love song" apparently. Phil Lynott arrives on stage, cue much cheering from the fans, some of whom have arrived especially to see him.
When the band get to 'Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart' Gay says to the audience, it is for the 'people at home' (she knows the gig is being recorded by the BBC. Then she says "If you have a home, you're very lucky" then picks up a hat. "This is an old hat for an old song, it's called 'Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart....and it has !" Wonder what she meant by those words.... Gay is quite composed throughout the gig except for this song when she dances around with wild enthusiasm in the hat ! The audience gives them  raptuous applause and I think they even do an encore. The BBC only broadcast seven tracks - very mean I think as they were on stage for well over an hour....
Gay Woods always enjoyed the live performances of Auto Da Fe, usually more than the studio sessions. Here she remembers both...
I preferred to play live more with Auto Da Fe. Some of the last studio stuff we did was over produced. They went mad on it the guys and I let them doit...which I regret. I like the live stuff because I used to sing better.I am absolutely thrilled that SOMETHING has at last come out from Auto and especially the tapes with Phil on it because a lot of these songs weren't recorded in the studio.
The London gig wasn't the only time Phil Lynott joined the band on stage
We did play a place called Mullingar in Co.Meath. He had his own band on the road and he just got up with us.I remember he came on stage in green wellington boots because it was wet and he was worried about being electrocuted - we all were ! But we got through it. We were tough in those days Ha ha ! That was the only other gig he joined us for as far as I can remember but my memories not as good as it used to be....
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